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Vibgyor ChemtexProducts


No. Product name C.I.NO. Offset inks Gravure inks Flexo inks UV Screen Characteristic
Sheet-fed TRN NC/PA CLPP PU Alcohol Water
1101 Transparent Yellow G P.Y.12
1102 Benzidine Yellow GF P.Y.12
1103 Benzidine Yellow OF P.Y.12
1104 Benzidine Yellow DHGO2 P.Y.12
1152 Benzidine Yellow N22 P.Y.12
1138 Benzidine Yellow DHG P.Y.12
1125 Benzidine Yellow BAW P.Y.13
1122 Benzidine Yellow BAT P.Y.13
1133 Benzidine Yellow BXL P.Y.13
1144 Benzidine Yellow BXW P.Y.13
1155 Permanent Yellow LBG P.Y.13
1188 Permanent Yellow 2GS P.Y.14
1165 Permanent Yellow 5GF P.Y.14
1195 Permanent Yellow GA P.Y.14
1105 Permanent Yellow WF14 P.Y.14
6113 Permanent Yellow 5GX P.Y.74
1123 Permanent Yellow 2GX70 P.Y.74
1124 Permanent Yellow 5GX03 P.Y.74
1128 Benzidine Yellow 10G P.Y.81
1183 Permanent Yellow HR P.Y.83
1181 Permanent Yellow HR02 P.Y.83
1111 Permanent Yellow HRB P.Y.83
1110 Permanent Yellow HRO5 P.Y.83
1177 Permanent Yellow HR277 P.Y.83
1184 Permanent Yellow HR70 P.Y.83
1150 Pigment Yellow 5GN P.Y.150
1151 Benzimidazolone Yellow H4C P.Y.151
1154 Permanent Yellow H3C P.Y.154
1173 Benzidine Yellow LBS P.Y.174
1174 Benzidine Yellow SBA P.Y.174
1186 Benzidine Yellow GRX P.Y.176
1180 Pigment Yellow HFG P.Y.180
1188 Benzidine Yellow LBF P.Y.188
1212 Pigment Permanent Orange G P.O.13 Reddish,transparence
1216 Pigment Permanent Orange K P.O.16 Reddish,high strength
1236 Pigment Permanent Orange RL P.O.34 Yellowish
1237 Pigment Permanent Orange F2G P.O.34 Bluish,good gloss
1266 Benzimidazolone Orange HL P.O.36     
1302 Permanent Red F2R P.R.2 Good Gloss
1307 Permanent Red F4R P.R.8 Bluish
1605 Bordeaux TRR P.R.12 High strength,good flow
1367 Scarlet WI P.R.48:1 High strength,good gloss
1317 Scarlet BBN P.R.48:2 Yellowish
1320 Brilliant Red 2BXL P.R.48:2 Good gloss,low viscosity
1319 Brilliant Red BBC P.R.48:3 Bluish,high strength
1321 Pigment Fast Brilliant P.R.48:2   Good gloss
1323 Lithol Scarlet P.R.49:1 Good gloss,high strength
1325 Lithol Dark Red P.R.49:2
1326 Bronze Red CW P.R.53:1 Good gloss,high strength
1356 Bronze Red CBNL P.R.53:1 Good gloss,high transparence,low viscosity
1327 Bronze Red C P.R.53:1 Bluish,standard
1332 Lithol Rubine 188 P.R.57:1 Good gloss,high transparence,low viscosity
1331 Lithol Rubine WF P.R.57:1 Low viscosity,stable
1328 Lithol Rubine 4BN P.R.57:1 Yellowish,high transparence
1329 Lithol Rubine 4BD P.R.57:1 Bluish,high transparence
1349 Lithol Rubine SMA P.R.57:1 Yellowish,transparence,good flow
1350 Lithol Rubine SMB P.R.57:1 Bluish,transparence,good flow
1330 Lithol Rubine 6B300 P.R.57:1 Yellowish,low viscosity
1333 Lithol Rubine 404B P.R.57:1 Yellowish,low viscosity
1353 Lithol Rubine 4BL P.R.57:1 Yellowish,low visosity,good gloss
1334 Lithol Rubine 4BGL P.R.57:1 Yellowish,low viscosity,good gloss
1341 Lithol Rubine 8B P.R.57:1 Yellowish
1343 Lithol Rubine 6B P.R.57:1 Yellowish,high transparence,easyto flush
1338 Fast Pink Toner B P.R.81 Bluish
1336 Fast Pink Toner 6G P.R.81:1 High strength ,good gloss
1386 Fast Pink Toner PMA P.R.81:3 Yellowish,high strength,Good gloss
1339 Fast Pink Llake P.R.81 Good gloss
1137 Permanent Red FGR P.R.112
1122 Quindo Red PinkE P.R.122 High heat resistance
1608 Permanent Rose Red FBB P.R.146 Good gloss
1365 Permanent Red F5RK P.R.170
1362 Permanent Red F5RK P.R.170
1366 Permanent Red F3RK P.R.170 Opaque
1376 Lithol Rubine HF3C P.R.176      
1385 Lithol Rubine HF4C P.R.185
1388 Lithol Rubine HF2B P.R.208
1370 Permanent Red F7RK P.R.266
1501 Fast Rose Toner P.V.1
1502 Fast Rose Lake P.V.1
1513 Fast Violet Toner R P.V.3 Reddish
1503 Fast Violet Toner P.V.3 Bluish
1505 Fast Violet Toner R P.V.3 Good gloss,low viscosity,reddish
1563 Fast Violet Toner B P.V.3 Good gloss,low viscosity,bluish
1519 Violet 4R P.V.19 Transparent High gloss
1023 Fast Violet RK-R P.V.23 Reddish
1024 Fast Violet RL-B P.V.23 Reddish
1201 Phthalocvanine Green G P.G.7 Bright color,Good dispersibility
1202 Phthalocvanine Green G P.G.7 Bright color,high transparent,good fluidity
1206 Phthalocvanine Green G P.G.7 Blue shade,high solvent content,low viscosity
1795 Phthalocyanine green G P.G.7 Blue shade,high covering power high heat resistance
1736 Pigment grenn 36 P.G.36 Yellow shade,Good dispersibility
1701 Phthalocvanine blue B P.B.15 Bright color,Good dispersibility
1710 Phthalocvanine blue B P.B.15 Reddish,low viscosity Strong strength
1712 Phthalocvanine Blue Bs P.B.15:1 Standard shade,Good dispersibility
1713 Phthalocvanine Blue BS P.B.15:1 Strong strength Good fluidity
1716 Phthalocvanine Blue BS P.B.15:1 Bright color,strong strength,good fluidity
1724 Phthalocvanine Blue BNT P.B.15:2 Good gloss,Green shade
1401 Phthalocvanine Blue BGS P.B.15:3 Bright color
1402 Phthalocvanine Blue BGS P.B.15:3 Red shade,Low viscosity,Good gloss
1403 Phthalocvanine Blue BGS P.B.15:3 Green shade,good gloss,good dispersibility
1521 Phthalocvanine Blue BGS P.B.15:3 Green Shade,Good gloss Good dispersibility
1810 Phthalocvanine Blue BGSF P.B.15:4 Good Gloss,Low viscosity Good storage stability
1811 Phthalocvanine Blue BGSF P.B.15:4 Good transparency Low Viscosity High covering powder
1816 Pigment Blue BGSF P.B.15:4 Good gloss,transparent Low viscosity,Good storage stability
1818 Phthalocvanine Blue E-BRF P.B.15:6 Reddish and brilliant shade,good solvent resistance
1820 Milori blue P.B.27 Good solvent resistance
1821 Phthalocvanine blue A2R P.B.60 High strength,good dispersibility
1879 Aluminium Chlorophth-alocyanine P.B.79 Greenish shade,no copper Environmental protection
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